What you believe about God is the most important thing about your marriage.


About the book

Finally! Here you go, men: Marriage in the Nude—a book on marriage that you’ll trip over your own feet to read and put into practice.

Ritchie Miller offers men a lighthearted and humorous yet God-honoring guide to a more intimate, peaceful, and sexually fulfilling marriage. It starts with getting naked, but it ends with the joy that comes from suffusing your marriage with God’s grace.

When Adam first laid eyes on a very beautiful—and very naked—Eve, it’s no wonder he exclaimed, “She is bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh.” The Creation account paints a picture of grace through the unmerited kindness and favor God meted out to Adam and Eve. God wanted grace to be the foundation of marriage—and he still does!

Although aimed primarily at men, this biblically supported book offers insight to wives as well: each chapter’s discussion questions will prompt conversations on how to give and receive love and meet each other’s needs.

To become one with your wife in all the ways God intended, you must get naked and unashamed. If you want a marriage overflowing with pleasure, peace, and purpose, you must strip away all but the boundless grace of God.


"When a marriage gets built on God’s grace, your words reflect it."

— dr ritchie miller, author


We will be uploading videos to go along with the book. These will serve as the spark for small group conversations and conversations with your spouse. 

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